The Witness Switch Game – TOP Puzzle Game for Switch

The Witness’ adventure begins with a long dark tunnel, at the end of which one large uninhabited island will come to the surface. You can safely walk along it, solve various riddles with a similar concept and meditate, examining every pebble and tree that you meet along the way. Most of the puzzles are made in the same way: the player must go through the maze, correctly drawing the path from one point of the map to another.

The Witness Switch [Ver. 4.1.2]
– Features –

  • NO Jailbreak / Custom Firmware Required
  • Works on both jailbroken and OEM Nintendo Switch devices
  • Runs with OR without SD Card.
  • Playable in TV Mode, Tabletop Mode and Handheld
  • Save Data Cloud (Keep your progress safe)
  • Last Update (Ver. 4.1.2): July 23rd

Download The Witness for Nintendo_Switch

The Witness Switch Game

Gradually, The Witness Switch ‘s level of difficulty increases and the puzzles themselves have new unexpected variables, mechanics, and rules. Well, Jonathan Blow again tried to turn the idea of ​​the “quest” genre itself and came out of this unequal battle as a winner on a beautiful white horse. All promises have been fulfilled, and many years of work have not gone down the drain.

The Witness

  1. Copy The Witness_Switch content on your SD card
  2. Install the game on your switch
  3. If online action is required, connect your device to the Internet
  4. Enjoy the game!

The Witness Switch Game

Can we recommend this game to absolutely all players? Definitely not, since The Witness Switch Game is an ode to reason, an unusual author’s statement that will be difficult for the absolute majority to understand. But the fact remains, this is a real work of art and further proof that games can be more than just silly entertainment for a few hours.


  • Category: Puzzle games for Switch
  • Age rating: 3+
  • Size: 3 GB
  • Updates System: Up & Running
  • Copyright: Presented exclusively by SwitchGamesFree
  • PLEASE NOTE: This game is FREE to download but requires security verification to prevent spam. Click on the download button and follow the instructions. Thank you!


Download The Witness for Nintendo_Switch

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