Hitman Absolution Switch Game – TOP Stealth Game for Switch

If you never heard of Agent 47 until now it’s mostly because he is very stealthy. Not only that but he is also deadly and Hitman Absolution Switch lets you control him. Being an accomplished assassin has its perks. You can choose your own way of eliminating a target and you can use a plethora of weapons and items to do just so.

Hitman Absolution Switch [Ver. 5.9.1]
– Features –

  • NO Jailbreak / Custom Firmware Required
  • Works on both jailbroken and OEM Nintendo Switch devices
  • Runs with OR without SD Card.
  • Playable in TV Mode, Tabletop Mode and Handheld
  • Save Data Cloud (Keep your progress safe)
  • Last Update (Ver. 5.9.1): June 21st

Download Hitman Absolution for Nintendo_Switch

Hitman Absolution Switch Game

From firearms to wires, pipes or even bottles, everything is on the menu. For a more exotic touch, you can kill or misdirect by blowing up gas stations, making scaffoldings fall, and setting things on fire. If stealth is your thing, there are options in place: simply blend or use a disguise.

Hitman Absolution

  1. Copy the Hitman Absolution_Switch content on your SD card
  2. Install the game on your switch
  3. If online action is required, connect your device to the Internet
  4. Enjoy the game!

Hitman Absolution Switch Game

If all fails, there is also the old poison-in-the-coffee trick that will do the job. As far as the story goes, you need to protect a girl from your former employer. Hitman Absolution Switch will send the ICA agents to take you down everywhere you go. Make sure to watch your step.

– Hitman Absolution for SWITCH –

  • Category: Stealth games for Switch
  • Age rating: 18+
  • Size: 15 GB
  • Updates System: Up & Running
  • Copyright: Presented exclusively by SwitchGamesFree
  • PLEASE NOTE: This game is FREE to download but requires security verification to prevent spam. Click on the download button and follow the instructions. Thank you!


Download Hitman Absolution for Nintendo_Switch

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