GTA V Switch Game – Get GTA V on your Nintendo Switch

GTA V Switch Game

This already timeless masterpiece is available for you to play on your Nintendo Switch console. Take it to the streets with GTA V Switch and wreak havoc. The explorable area of the game is now much bigger than the previous releases with many more things to do. Engage in criminal activities across Los Santos and San Andreas using one of the 3 available characters.

GTA V Switch [Ver. 2.3.5]
– Features –

  • NO Jailbreak / Custom Firmware Required
  • Works on both jailbroken and OEM Nintendo Switch devices
  • Runs with OR without SD Card.
  • Playable in TV Mode, Tabletop Mode and Handheld
  • Save Data Cloud (Keep your progress safe)
  • Last Update (Ver. 2.3.5): December 11th

Download GTA V for Nintendo Switch

GTA V Switch

In GTA V, you can take part in heists, shootouts, or just being a driver as part of dangerous missions. Committing a crime will attract unwanted attention from the police. The higher the wanted level you find yourself in, the harder it will be to escape. Try to find a hidden place to lay low for a while and you should be fine.


  1. Copy the GTA_5 for Switch content on your SD card
  2. Install the game on your switch
  3. If online action is required, connect your device to the Internet
  4. Enjoy the game!

While GTA V Switch is fully explorable you will want to engage in the story so that you can access more content. There are many means of transport across the map, including running, swimming, or even flying. Of course, driving remains the main way to get around the map so make sure you find yourself a great car.

GTA V Switch

– Grand Theft Auto 5 for SWITCH –

  • Category: Action-Adventure games for Switch
  • Age rating: 18+
  • Size: 41 GB
  • Updates System: Up & Running
  • Copyright: Presented exclusively by SwitchGamesFree
  • PLEASE NOTE: This game is FREE to download but requires security verification to prevent spam. Click on the download button and follow the instructions. Thank you!


Download GTA V for Nintendo Switch

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