Assassin’s Creed Unity Switch Game – [HOW TO PLAY]

In the midst of the French Revolution, you get to find out who was behind it and why. As a major continuation in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed Unity Switch brings fresh updates and improvements. Arno is on a mission during tumultuous times to uncover the truth about this major event in our history. He also tries to uncover the murderers of his father and make them pay for their actions.

Assassins Creed Unity Switch [Ver. 5.1.4]
– Features –

  • NO Jailbreak / Custom Firmware Required
  • Works on both jailbroken and OEM Nintendo Switch devices
  • Runs with OR without SD Card.
  • Playable in TV Mode, Tabletop Mode and Handheld
  • Save Data Cloud (Keep your progress safe)
  • Last Update (Ver. 5.1.4): July 24th

Download Assassins Creed Unity for Nintendo_Switch

Assassin's Creed Unity Switch

Apart from the main story, Arno can engage in secondary quests like the Nostradamus Enigmas. Solving the riddles provided by these will help you find various artifacts. Furthermore, you can become a detective in the 18th century by accessing Murder Mysteries. Several gameplay elements have seen a great revamping in Assassin’s Creed Unity, so you must definitely give it a try on Switch.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

  1. Copy the A.C. Unity_Switch content on your SD card
  2. Install the game on your switch
  3. If online action is required, connect your device to the Internet
  4. Enjoy the game!

Assassin's Creed Unity Switch

A great improvement is noticeable in combat situations, especially with the introduction of the Phantom blade. This acts both as the well-known Hidden Blade from previous entries, as well as a long-distance firing system. Assassin’s Creed Unity Switch can now also be played in multiplayer. Gang up with 3 other players online and either finish the preset missions or just explore the map.


  • Category: Action-Adventure games for Switch
  • Age rating: 18+
  • Size: 17 GB
  • Updates System: Up & Running
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  • PLEASE NOTE: This game is FREE to download but requires security verification to prevent spam. Click on the download button and follow the instructions. Thank you!


Download Assassins Creed Unity for Nintendo_Switch

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